Need Help Building Your Team?

Building a successful team is a constant experiment trying to ensure the right mixture of experienced leaders with focused core members. We are able to help fill the roles of these core members and provide a successful leader to help focus and direct your team.

Our member's number one objective is to develop the solution you need. We try to check egos at the door and bring a professional attitude that will provide objective solutions, but work with the team in whatever decisions the team makes.

Application Development

The core to any business solution is the application software. Built to ensure consistent processes are followed, our team focuses on learning the process and providing a robust solution that can easily adapt to change. All businesses face change everyday and your solution needs to be able to move along with you.

This is why we encourage an agile development environment using the best practices including SCRUM, XP, Test Driven Development and Domain Driven Design.

Agile Leadership

At Galeforce Technology, we know that change happens. We know that your business does not control all forces that play a part in your everyday world. As such, we have accepted change and adopted Agile methodologies that embrace change and work with it.

We can provide a Certified Scrum Master to evaluate your situation and see if an Agile methodology can work for you.

Grails Development
Grails development continues to be an interesting option when deciding a quick solution for your business. Extremely flexible and easy to ramp up, Grails is definitley a consideration for anyone building a Java solution.
Got Git?

Having a solid version control system is a wise investment. Like everything in today's world, Version Control Systems (VCS) have improved as well. Using Git is defintiely a consideration any team should look into.