What we do

Since 2003, we have been helping teams build software solutions for a wide range of industries and a vast array of products. Industries we have particpated in include Oil & Gas, Transportation and Electronic Services.

Working with your team, we work with all stakeholders to understand the ultimate objective of your project. Constant communication is a key to success we strive for.

Our Specializations

We specialize in application development delivering enterprise Java/J2EE applications using Agile methodologies. The Java world has many frameworks to use that build on top of Java that help cut down development time for any Custom Solution. Our recommended framework to work with is Grails.

How We Do It

Galeforce Technology is committed to providing you with the world class solution you need. We focus on your specific challenge and tailor the solution to meet your unique needs. Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship. At Galeforce Technology, we build on that cornerstone through open communication channels to ensure we understand your problem.

Frequent feedback ensures we stay on track. We focus on processes that allow us to rapidly build and demonstrate your solution.

We use processes that allow us to move quickly. We believe our processes should not be a burden, so we only use a process if it provides value to you.

Grails Development
Grails development continues to be an interesting option when deciding a quick solution for your business. Extremely flexible and easy to ramp up, Grails is definitley a consideration for anyone building a Java solution.
Got Git?

Having a solid version control system is a wise investment. Like everything in today's world, Version Control Systems (VCS) have improved as well. Using Git is defintiely a consideration any team should look into.